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Is Mesothelioma a Curable Disease?

While many believe that Mesothelioma is non -curable, there are studies which suggest otherwise. This study was done by Gov and it was found that THC found in cannabinoids helped to slow down the disease itself.

Could Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?

STUDY FINDINGS: Can mesothelioma be cured through CBD?

A 64-year-old male heating engineer was examined for a persistent cough and found to have mesothelioma with pleural effusion, lung nodules, and enlarged thoracic lymph nodes. He declined the standard of care treatment after his own research and was enrolled in the patient program called IMM-101. He advised him to correct his low vitamin D3 level and start using anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, bromelain and low-dose naltrexone. On review after 1 year, the CT scan showed no change and was maintained on the order. Four years after diagnosis, CT scan showed modest but definite progression of left malignant pleural effusion, new right-sided effusion, and enlargement of several intrathoracic nodes observed on early scans. The chest wall eventually broke and required local radiotherapy. Then he developed abdominal pain and was found to have peritonitis. Last year he was given the cannabinoids CBD and THC which slowed down the disease and after being on this for six months, a CT scan showed that his disease was fairly stable with marginal progression.

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