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Pleural mesothelioma: Clinical prognostic factors and Treatments Available

Of the 279 patients, 184 (66.0%) were given antitumor therapy. All of these received chemotherapy alone or as part of a multimodal treatment, with pemetrexed being given to 126 patients (68.5%). Exposure to asbestos was documented in 92.5% of all patients. In the treated group, the mean age was lower (66 years vs 74 years, p < 0.01), the rate of occupational exposure to asbestos was higher (74.5 vs 54.7%, p < 0.01), and the number of patients with better performance scores (98.4) against 60%). , p < 0.01) and the stage was lower (81 vs 63.2%, p < 0.01) compared to the BSC group. Multivariate analysis showed that the epithelial subtype was the only common prognostic factor for OS in both groups. In BSC patients, good PS and female sex were associated with improved OS. Median survival (OS) was 17 versus 4 months (p < 0.01), and regardless of histopathological subtype, the median 2-year survival was higher in the treated group versus the BSC group (p < 0.02). ).

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